Director of Youth Ministry / Korean Zion Presbyterian Church

by 관리자 posted Apr 22, 2019


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Director of Youth Ministry  / Korean Zion Presbyterian Church  /
17920 Meridian Ave. N., Shoreline, WA 98133


1.Part-time: 10 hours/week 
2.Purpose: To provide leadership for Youth Ministry.
3.Minimum Requirements: Commitment to God and God’s people;
4.Experience working with children and/or youth in a ministry setting;
Master’s Degree (M.Div. or M.A.) or currently enrolled in a Christian seminary ;
Experience with Microsoft Office Suite; 
Must be fluent in English
-Sunday Worship – 11:00am-12pm
-Sunday Fellowship -12-12:30pm
-Periodic Sunday Bible Study/Activity –1-2pm
Example: Month-long Book or Bible Study twice a year
Example: Prepare/Practice Special Song or Skit for KM service for Easter/Christmas/Children’s Day
-Organize Volunteers to assist with Sunday worship/fellowship set-up and clean-up
-Interface with Pastor, Director of Children’s Ministries, Christian Education Elder, and volunteers to plan and schedule worship events/curriculum
-Maintain Youth Ministry budget
-Communicate with parents of children regularly about programs, vision, and parental assistance.

Narrative Job Description:
Youth Ministry responsibilities weekly at the church 4-5 hours
Preparation for Worship/Sermon/Bible Study: 5 hours (min) to 10 hours weekly
Additional hours for preparation for High Holy Days, additional worship services, and special events– Time variable

- Please submit the resume only by email to
Contact : Rev. Young Rae Lee